Photographic Proof That Cher & Dionne Were The Original Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills

The song that accompanies the opening montage of Clueless proclaimed that these were the kids in America. Ugh, as if! Cher, Dionne, Elton, and the rest of the crew were as far from looking out dirty old windows as you could get. Cher may have insisted that she had a “way normal life for a teenage girl,” but come on; she was narrating a movie about her aspirational existence for legions of actual plebes for whom it was but a dream.
Cher and Dionne were, of course, the template for the current wave of Instagram-famous offspring who’ve parlayed their parents’ wealth and glamorous lifestyles into a show on E! appropriately called #RichKids of Beverly Hills. The cast members of RKOBH unabashedly aspire to live like their Clueless icons.
“Happy 20th birthday, Clueless! A movie that shaped me and so many of my gfs,” RKOBH cast member Roxy Sowlaty captioned this collage of movie moments. She also called the film, “The only good movie on Delta.” On Halloween, RKOBH Jonny Drubel posted a photo of himself with friends dressed as Cher and Dionne. He also claimed that Cher's famous line, “Ugh, as if,” was “The moment that changed my life forever.”
Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport were true originals. They even had knockoffs back then ("Say, Ambular, was that you going through my laundry?"). It was only a matter of time before present-day affluent Beverly Hills offspring started emulating what they saw two 16-year-olds doing in a 1995 film. Here are just a few prime examples of how Cher, Dionne, Amber, and the gang were the O.G. rich kids of Beverly Hills. If only Instagram had been around back then for those group photoshoots of the quad. The photo of Tai that Elton put in his locker would have looked great in Valencia.

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