The 13 Most Cringeworthy Wedding Scenes In Movies

It’s wedding season, which means the majority of us are spending our weekends watching high school, college, and work friends live out their best Pinterest-inspired lives.
Mason jars, candles, and midnight buffets are defining our July (and, eventually August), while thought-out hashtags like #SteveAndMiranda4Ever are confusing anyone who doesn’t know who you’re talking about.
In a word, it is all very lovely. So in case you’ve gotten numb to wedding whites and declarations of eternal love, we’ve rounded up 13 of the most cringeworthy wedding scenes ever, to remind you that you’re lucky to have access to an open bar and a DJ who plays better music once all the “grown-ups” leave. After all, you could be giving a police statement or comforting a broken-hearted pal instead. Now get back out on that floor and dance until you cry — tears of joy or pain, it's really up to you.

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