Daniel Radcliffe & James McAvoy Trade Sex Jokes At Comic-Con

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Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy joined moderator Chris Hardwick at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday for a panel about their film Victor Frankenstein, due in theaters in November. Radcliffe stars as Igor, the assistant to McAvoy's mad-for-monsters doctor. Once the actors arrived onstage, it wasn't long before their homoerotic banter took over the discussion. Director Paul McGuigan noted early in the panel that the film is a "love story between these two guys who need each other." (He also said "Victor probably needs Igor more than Igor needs Victor in his life," and that the film is "actually about giving the name Frankenstein back to the science.") Then, when Hardwick asked about the relationship between Igor and Victor, slash fic fans dreaming of a Harry Potter-Professor X flirtation found their wishes granted. "I get thrown around a lot," Radcliffe said. "But, it's good. I bounce." "Yeah he does," McAvoy chimed in, making the first suggestive comment of the evening. Hardwick joked, "Tumblr just imploded." Radcliffe continued to talk about how his character "supplements" McAvoy's. "You do what to me?" McAvoy joked. "I didn't even buy him dinner but he was coming at me," McAvoy continued. " And I was like, listen man, you wanna put it there, go for it." "Tumblr's dead. Tumblr's dead. And a thousand slash fics were born," Hardwick said. Speaking about some of their more physical confrontations in the movie, McAvoy went for it again: "We just kinda go at it with each other like, every day, 12 hours a day, no knee pads." Perhaps sensing the audience's surprise, Hardwick tried to smooth things over a bit: "I feel like he's doing it on purpose, but I don't know if he's doing it on purpose." McAvoy was having none of Hardwick's diplomacy. "I am a walking penis joke," he responded. "There's one scene we made [that was] subtly homoerotic," Radcliffe said. When Hardwick suggested they act it out, they did. Behold:
That last line is McAvoy saying, "I was wearing full protection." Radcliffe, in an effort to bring the talk back to a joke-free zone, tried to explain that they wanted to make a darker film where "we push things." To which Hardwick replied: "Clearly." By this point, it seemed no matter what anyone said, there was no escaping the double entendres. So when Radcliffe dropped the line, "James was breaking my back, essentially," he knew he was stuck, and admitted it sounded like a "horrible innuendo." "Listen, whether you're building a monster or making love, it's all the same," Hardwick said. At one point amid their banter, McAvoy pointed to a sign on the back of his name card warning panelists that many members of the audience may be under 18. "We didn't say anything out of line," Radcliffe responded.

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