This Video Shows How Far Men’s Fashion Has Come In 100 Years

Photo: Courtesy of MODE.
Men’s fashion these days means so much more than tailored suits and neckties. Between all the killer street style looks and surprisingly wearable runway trends, nobody can deny that menswear is as vibrant now as ever. Just in time for the kickoff of the inaugural New York Men’s Fashion Week on Monday, a new video shows how far dude dressing has come over the past century. The clip was created by Mode, the same people behind those viral "100 Years of Makeup" and "100 Years Of Fashion" videos. Once again, they're time-traveling back to the early 1900s. This time, they're showcasing dozens of iconic menswear looks you've probably forgotten (and some you wish you could forget). From the newsboy caps of 1910 to the Danny Zuko-inspired leather-jacket-and-jeans ensemble of the ‘50s to the printed-silk blouses of the Disco Era, these are reminders that men embrace fashion trends just as much as women do. Of course, there are plenty of fads we'll gladly leave in the past — like chest-hair-revealing necklines, '80s hairdos, and the cringe-worthy dad jeans of the '90s. And, while we wouldn't mind a resurgence of some of these looks (like the sharp businessman aesthetic of the '40s), the final 2015 ensemble lends a whole new appreciation for all the well-dressed guys out there today. Watch the video below to see the trends we love — and those we don't (sorry, 1990-2005).

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