Laura Prepon Credits Scientology For Her Acting Skills In This Bizarre Interview

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As Alex Vause in Orange Is The New Black, Laura Prepon may have finally hit her stride. She stars as Piper Chapman's emotionally disturbed but wicked smart on-and-off again lover: In season three, she's back in prison again and convinced that her old drug boss is plotting to kill her. According to an interview with Scientologist publication Celebrity, Prepon feels like her acting skills have reached new heights on the series — and she credits it all back to her belief system. "I feel a lot of the auditing that I’ve had helps me to be willing to go there and be free and vulnerable and really jump into these scenes wholeheartedly," she said in the interview. "There are days where it’s like, okay... let’s do this! And you have to drop all of your pre-conceived ideas, or mis-emotions, or being uncomfortable and just go there ... It’s so gratifying and fulfilling as an artist to be able to really be there in present time, creating, with no vias. Auditing has helped so much in getting me to this place. I have more to go, and can’t wait for what’s to come." As you may have noticed, the interview is chock-full of Scientology lingo. Auditing comes up a lot, obviously. Prepon also discusses her journey "up the Bridge" en route to "going clear," and there's some mention of freer movement on the "Tone Scale." Of auditing specifically, Prepon says: "Honestly, I’ve become more me. The auditing has stripped away all of this charge, false ideas, decisions and mis-emotions that were affecting me." Prepon continued, "I recently had one of my biggest cognitions in a New Era Dianetics session. I spotted this decision I made a long time ago that was affecting me to this day. It was a huge realization. At the time of the incident, you make a postulate as a “pro-survival” decision, you know?" We're not totally sure we catch her drift. Naturally, since the interview was in a Scientologist magazine that chronicles the lives of celebrity believers, it makes sense that there's a lot of insider speak. Even so, Prepon is laying it on pretty thick here. This sounds like a Crazy Eyes monologue straight out of OITNB: That is not a good thing.

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