Jaden Smith’s 17 Absolute Best (And Most Jaden Smith) Quotes

Jaden Smith turns 17 today — at least we think he does. There might be some metaphysical time relativity thing going on that makes him older. That would certainly explain why he often seems wise beyond his years. Also, there's probably something in the way Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith raised their precocious spawn.
The actor / rapper / clothing designer can always be depended upon to deliver deep, philosophical thoughts whenever he's in a position to share them. Sometimes it's in an interview, sometimes in a song, and very often it's on Twitter. And sure, there are times when we've all laughed at Smith's earnest statements about the duality of consciousness. But be honest, didn't you also re-read those statements a few more times and find yourself nodding with him? Just a little?
In honor of the sage artist's birthday, here are 17 of his absolute best, and most Jaden, quotes.

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