Vanessa Bayer’s Friends Impressions Are Scarily Spot On

Image: Matt Baron/BEImages
Vanessa Bayer stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night, and looped the late night host into a nifty stand-up bit she's been working on. Bayer — who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live through her spot-on celebrity impersonations — performed a killer impression of the Friends cast, noting that if an intruder tried to join the close-knit clique, it would only be a matter of time before they got the boot. She's got that fact right: As we learned over and over again throughout the series, that group is pretty much a closed circle, for better or worse. Bayer cast Jimmy Kimmel as Ross's new bud, while taking on the rest of the Friends roles herself. The best part is definitely her ability to nail all of Rachel's vocal tics — she's seriously got those down. But, of course, you can't do a Friends impression without getting into Chandler's awkwardness (could he be any weirder?), or Joey's signature "how you doin'?" line. We would have liked to have heard a little more Ross in there, but then again you can only listen to someone whine about dinosaurs for so long. Also, a rendition of "Smelly Cat" would have been welcomed, because duh. While we're sad that a Friends reunion is unlikely to ever come to fruition, with impressions like this it might not even be necessary. Check out the skit in the video below.

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