Jon Stewart Takes On Anti-Marriage-Equality Pundits, Wins Our Hearts

Photo: Courtesy Comedy Central.
Every day Jon Stewart manages to nurture our faith in him, while still tearing our hearts in two over his impending departure. It's moments like the outgoing Daily Show host's take on opponents of marriage equality last night that we'll miss the most. Following Friday's Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, certain politicians and pundits have been showing their resistance to the ground-breaking change. It was those outspoken bashers to whom Stewart directed his comments. The host played clips of conservative news pundits weighing in on marriage equality, speculating that same-sex marriage could lead to the legalization of multi-person marriages, and about punishments wedding vendors might face if they refuse to take on a gay couple. Stewart responded to the latter claim with a Photoshopped image of Archie Bunker as a florist. "I am so tired of this old trope, this old stereotype about anti-gay florists," Stewart said. "That's all we ever hear about is anti-gay florists." Bottom line: This hysteria of homophobia is ridiculous. Stop the fear-mongering, and start making way for acceptance. Watch a clip from last night's show below.

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