Jennifer Love Hewitt Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Photo: Rob LaTour/Rex USA.
It may not be a party of five, but Jennifer Love Hewitt's brood is expanding.

The actress has given birth to her second child, her rep confirmed to E! News. Baby boy Atticus James Hallisay joins 18-month-old big sister Autumn James. Clearly, Hewitt and husband Brian Hallisay have a thing for names starting with A and using James as a middle name. We'll let the littles duke that one out.

The Criminal Minds star announced her pregnancy in January, and posed for American Baby just last month.

"I kind of feel my best when I'm pregnant, which means I should probably have 18 children," Hewitt told the magazine. "It won't happen. But I do feel good. I think, I think I feel really grateful. I know how hard it is for lots of women to even get pregnant in the first place. Some people never get to have kids. And so I just feel really lucky that my husband and I have been able to, to do this once awesomely, and now twice, even better."

Congrats to the growing family.

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