Her Selfie Reveals The Naked Truth About Revenge Porn Sexism

Australian feminist writer Clementine Ford got so fed up with revenge porn victim-blaming, she posted a naked selfie on Facebook for the world to see. With her consent.

I have taken nude photos of myself and sent them to lovers. I've taken nude photos of myself when I'm bored. I've taken...

Posted by Clementine Ford on Thursday, June 18, 2015
"I have taken nude photos of myself and sent them to lovers," Ford's lengthy accompanying post starts. "I've taken nude photos of myself when I'm bored. I've taken nude photos just because I have a smart phone and it's fun. None of that means I have asked for my privacy to be violated, my photos stolen and my very self made available for public humiliation and judgment. Consent is everything." The trouble began on Thursday, when around 400 Australian women learned their nude photos had been hacked by an unnamed U.S.-based porn site. Even after the women contacted the site directly requesting their stolen photos to be removed, the hacker refused. Since the site is hosted in the U.S., the hacker is claiming protection from Australian laws. Then Australian broadcaster Channel 7 made matters even more nauseating. In response to the theft, the network posed a since-removed question on its Facebook and Twitter pages: "What's it going to take for women to get the message about taking and sending nude photos?"
Photo: Twitter/Sunrise
Victim-blaming much? The blatantly sexist overtone swiftly attracted backlash, and Channel 7 quickly removed the original, Ford wrote in a Daily Life op-ed. But apparently not content to apologize or at least remain silent, Channel 7 swapped it out with a finger-wagging "A stern warning for people who share risque photos online..." With that, Ford scrawled "Hey #Sunrise Get Fucked" across her bare chest, snapped a pic and posted. "When will women learn?" Ford responded to Channel 7's misogyny. "Learn what? That our bodies do not belong to us? "We are not allowed to be the masters of ourselves, only the gatekeepers," she continued. Ford's photo and pitch-perfect commentary has racked up more than 200,000 likes and 41,000 shares and counting. Not surprisingly, her message fell on some deaf ears as well. Her most recent Facebook photos are screenshots from guys soliciting more nude pics. Sigh. But Ford isn't deterred from her powerful feminist statement and public display of solidarity for revenge porn victims. "The only thing that would make me feel ashamed would be staying silent," she wrote.
And, of course, since posting her thoughts Ford received unsavory messages from men online who bizarrely mistook her tyrade as an offer for nudes. Wha?
She posted screenshots of the depressing requests on her Facebook page:

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