Why Chipotle’s Gay Pride Float Got EVERYONE Talking

Photo: Joseph Kaczmarek/AP Images.
As a born and raised New Yorker, I like to think that it’s hard to get an eyebrow raise from me, let alone shock me outright. But when I awoke this morning to see Chipotle’s amazing Philly Gay Pride Parade float, plus the hilarious buttons being handed out, my brows finally got a workout. The publicity stunt has ignited Reddit into a frenzy, with more than 2,500 comments. The Chipotle float featured something I think many people fantasize about (at least I do): A huge burrito, wrapped in tinfoil. To really drive the point home, the float featured the tagline “So Big, You Can Ride It” complete with dancing cowboys. Additionally, Chipotle was passing out flyers that said “Homo Estás?” (a play on "Como Estás") with two pins on it. One pin said “I Eat Tacos” and the other one said “I Eat Burritos.” Get it? According to the Reddit thread, the flyer also acted as a two-for-one coupon. A quick web search shows that this is not the first time Chipotle has used this tagline in pride parades, but thanks to social media, the float and pins this year are getting a lot of attention.
Photo: Courtesy of Chipotle.
As a company, Chipotle has a history of showing support for LGBT rights. The float and pins are just another clever way to get involved in the Gay Pride month festivities, and ensure everyone gets even more addicted to their Tex-Mex food. In case you're worried about what to wear to your local Gay Pride Parade, Chipotle has "Homo Estás?" T-shirts available for purchase on their site.

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