The 15 Creepiest, Worst & Most Questionable Movie Date Nights, Ever

Photo: Courtesy of Zoetrope Studios.
In The Overnight, Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott play a straight-laced suburban couple named Emily and Alex who find themselves at a dinner party/ double date with married (and sexually adventurous) duo Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) and Charlotte (Judith Godrèche). Yes, hilarity ensues — but this particular film goes for way more than just laughs.

Written and directed by Patrick Brice, the sex comedy (yes: that’s “sex comedy,” not “sexy comedy” — although it is kind of sexy), sees Kurt and Charlotte lead Alex and Emily down the road of sexual liberation, as the four characters begin testing the waters of personal and marital comfort zones, relationship boundaries, and the limits of adult friendships. (There's even a Schwartzman/Scott full-frontal-nudity scene included.)

While the movie is interesting, relatable, and well done, not everyone would react well to a freewheeling night at Kurt and Charlotte’s. That’s what made us think about some of the less thought-provoking (and downright horrifying) date nights we’ve seen on the silver screen — ones that don’t probe us to question who we are, but rather leave us reaching for the fast-forward button. Click through to relive them all.

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