What People Wore To One Of The Last Gritty Music Festivals Around

There was a time when saying, "I'm going to a music festival," didn't immediately follow with, "So, which hotel are you staying at?" These days, spending a long weekend outdoors sweating, frolicking, and dancing with thousands of other human beings doesn't mean you have to give up daily showers, a soft bed, and room service. Whether or not this strategy makes someone soft of not is a personal opinion, of course. But let's get one things clear: Bonnaroo is not for this breed of festival-goer.
With the majority of people choosing to rough it even during the evenings, Bonnaroo keeps the boho spirit alive. What that means for style is that the sort of flower-child-of-the-earth style sense that stereotypes most festival-goers is kind of the real-deal here. That flower crown doesn't quite have the same weight when it's sitting on top of beach waves that just got heat-curled three hours prior. Ahead, check out the 20+ souls who did it old-school.