Jennifer Lawrence’s Bodyguard Is Hot, Good With Puppies

Photo: Splash News.
Holy Kevin Costner. Good help may be hard to find, but Jennifer Lawrence had no trouble recruiting a bodyguard who's not only burly and suitably threatening-looking — he's also very easy on the eyes and not opposed to carrying a small dog when required. Us Weekly reports that camera-ready Greg Lenz has been added to the star's security detail, which has included such dreamboats as Justin Riblet. Lenz accompanied the Oscar winner and her dog as she scouted out apartments in New York City, where he turned many a head. According to his LinkedIn profile, Lenz is a 2008 graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he majored in architecture. He has been working for Gavin de Becker's high-profile security firm since 2010, but has apparently found the time to do a spot of modeling on the side. Don't tell us you're surprised.
Photo: Splash News.
Of course, the most important point is that Lenz keeps our beloved J Lawr safe from the paparazzi, would-be attackers, and any cobblestones/cracks/curbs/steps that might trip her up. Should they fall in love, make adorable Lenz-Law babies, and live happily ever after, well...would anyone really mind?

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