New Book Claims Bobbi Kristina Investigation Is “Botched”

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One journalist believes the investigation surrounding Bobbi Kristina is being "botched" by local police. In his new book, Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame, Ian Halperin calls for the case to be taken over by the Atlanta police department. In an interview with The Wrap, Halperin claims the "botched" investigation is "mainly because they are basically a small-town police department with limited resources." He also points to an enormous heroin problem in the Atlanta area that likely caught up with Bobbi Kristina. "If the problem wasn’t so severe, I don’t think Bobbi would be in the condition she’s in today. And it’s not only heroin, it’s so many drugs in Atlanta," he told The Wrap. Halperin knew Whitney Houston's father, which provided him access to the 250-plus people he interviewed for the book. In his experience, Bobbi Kristina has had a life surrounded by questionable people. "I was suspicious about her behavior and Nick Gordon‘s behavior in the months and days leading up to January 31," Halperin told the site. "And when it happened, I felt it was important to get the truth out there, to get the story behind the story." Halperin also told The Wrap he believes Bobby Brown has been "falsely accused" in the media. While Bobby's efforts to keep his daughter alive are made to seem as if he benefits financially from them, Halperin explains that's not the case. In the event that Bobbi Kristina passes away, Brown will be the beneficiary — and in the meantime, keeping her alive must be costing a fortune, Halperin points out. What's heartbreaking about Halperin's analysis is that he believes Bobbi Kristina was "almost doomed from the get-go," pointing to the helplessness she must have felt growing up in the shadow of such famous parents. "She had aspirations to be a performer and possibly an actress, but who can fill those shoes?" he said in the interview. "And then her parents are whacked out on drugs, and then she gets involved in the wrong crowd. So, who do we point the finger at?" He goes on to claim that most media reports surrounding the events are false. Halperin told The Wrap that in penning his account he has the support of "most people" involved. "If you read it, it’s very fair, very balanced. I’m not out to do a hatchet job," he said. "I’m out to get to the truth. Unfortunately, sometimes the truth hurts." Refinery29 has reached out to Halperin for additional comment. (The Wrap)

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