The Creator Of The Cronut Just Launched A Cheese Ice Cream Flavor

I trust Dominique Ansel's dessert palate implicitly. After all, the man did bring us the cronut, not to mention the best way to eat milk and cookies — all in one perfect bite. But, I did briefly question that trust this morning, when I got an email explaining that Dominique Ansel would be launching a flavor of soft-serve ice cream that features cheese.
Before you cringe, keep in mind that the flavor is burrata — so it's not like he went for cheddar, brie, or blue, which would have been mildly terrifying. Instead, he chose mozzarella's softer, creamier cousin. A cone of Ansel's new treat comes with balsamic caramel and a whole confit strawberry, which brings us right back to more typical dessert turf.
How did Ansel land on burrata, of all things, as an ice cream flavor? He explained in an email:
I really love the texture of soft serve, but I always wished it had more flavor. Most soft-serve is made with a mix or powder, but I wanted to use fresh ingredients. Simple, quality flavors that we all love. And, the first flavor we came up with was burrata, because we wanted a vanilla alternative that was creamier and less sweet. It works really well cold, with that tanginess from the balsamic caramel.
The cronut creator is offering soft-serve for the first time ever, starting today — at his new shop in the West Village in New York. Gianduja soft-serve ice cream with salted hazelnut brittle, orange mist, and sea salt is also on the menu. The chocolate-hazelnut combo admittedly sounds really temping, but first we need to know what that burrata ice cream tastes like.

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