15 Times DJ Tanner's Style Was Ahead Of Its Time

Finding your personal style is all about experimentation and expression, and if there’s one TV character who epitomizes that, it’s DJ Tanner. The oldest Full House sister made blazers and pantsuits her staple pieces, managed to stay ahead of the curve, and was hardly ever spotted without her bangs on point.

Though she had a few questionable outfits (remember when she matched her teacher on the first day of middle school? Because we do), she had some style moments that we’re still fawning over.

And now that the entire cast of Full House (minus Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) has officially confirmed that they’ll be reprising their roles in the Netflix reboot, we’re tingling with anticipation and can't wait to see how DJ's style has evolved. Until then, check out 15 times DJ wowed us with her fashion choices.
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When she danced with Michelle at Danny’s telethon.

If you do a jig in anything other than a pantsuit, does it really count?
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When she comforted Stephanie after she found out Gia was in a car accident.

That LBD is enough to make anyone feel better.
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When she told her dad the Gibler would be moving in.

Obviously, her fab colorblocking helped the situation go over smoothly.
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When she tried to get Kimmy and Stephanie to get along.

A moderator always has to look her best.
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When she carried Michelle out of the kitchen for being the "polite police."

Is saying “please” really necessary when you're making a double-breasted blazer work?
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When she went to Disney World with her family.

Denim overall shorts? Minnie could stand to take a few style tips from DJ.
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When she tried to convince her dad to let her have her own room.

Lesson number one in making a valid argument: Dress like a boss.
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When she was backstage at Star Search.

Girl knows how to rock a brooch. Or three.
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When Kimmy wanted Stephanie to give her a pedicure.

That red blazer needs to be spending less time with Kimmy’s feet and more time being admired by the masses.
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When she was opening up to Stephanie about making the right decision.

But really, when is a floral top ever wrong?
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When she had her first kiss with Kevin in the backyard.

Clearly, her schoolgirl-inspired look sealed the deal.
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When she performed with the Beach Boys.

This mustard blazer screams pop rock!
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When she told Stephanie she was too old to go to the Halloween carnival.

When paired with a snazzy vest, that junior high confidence really brought her fashion game to the next level.
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When she was totally bummed.

And still managed to look flawless.
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When she told everyone Uncle Jesse’s real name.

It’s all about simple patterns when you're dropping major truth bombs.

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