You Can Now Start Your Day With Marijuana-Infused Coffee

Photo: Sony Pictures
Start your day with a different kind of wake and bake thanks to House of Jane's new weed-infused coffee. Each single-serve coffee pod contains not only coffee (duh), but also high-grade cannabis oil. The effects of ingesting weed are vastly different from smoking it (which you maybe know from nibbling a pot brownie in college). The goal, however, is still the same: to mellow out. House of Jane touts its Jane's Brew as an aid to pain and stress relief, but we see it for what it really is—a new twist on the edibles craze that's soared in states like Washington and Colorado. predicts that more than half of cannabis revenue this year will come from edibles. House of Jane already has different dosage levels, as well as infused creamers for those who only want to add a smidge of THC to their morning meal. It's only a matter of time before weed starts sneaking in to pretty much everything. More than half of Americans already think recreational marijuana will be legal all across the U.S. in less than two decades, according to a Bloomberg poll.

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