Meet Our Favorite Future Glass-Ceiling Shatterer

Kiran Gandhi is one of those girls who seems to have had a couple different lives: Yesterday, she officially graduated as a member of Harvard Business School's 2015 class, earning an MBA at one of the most elite programs in the country. Last year, she was a professional drummer, touring with M.I.A. (and running back to class on Monday morning). Next year, who knows?  We met up with Kiran, along with some of her classmates, to hear her thoughts about doing what you want and breaking down barriers — and, we asked her how she feels entering a work world that's still uneven for women. "Women who are the 'only' — whether they're the only one in the office who's the CEO, or the only one who's the boss, or the only one who's the working mother — it's exhausting," she told us. "But, really we need that only-ness. We need you to be only. We need you to last. So that we see you. So that the next generation sees you." We couldn't agree more. Check out the video above for a day in the life of one of our favorite future glass-ceiling breakers. 

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