#BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat Might Be The Best Meme Ever

David Fisher/Rex/REX USA
There is no denying that Beyoncé has mad skills in pretty much every aspect of performance. But the star's ability to always dance precisely on beat is garnering some particular attention at the moment.  #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat — a new meme dedicated to showing off how Queen Bey's choreography syncs up to pretty much any pop song — features the singer doing her thang while other artist's tunes are subbed in for her own. The hashtag, which is blowing up on social media, pretty much says it all. It's seriously uncanny: Beyoncé really is always on beat, no matter what song she's dancing to.  Now, we could get technical and talk about why it always appears that she's nailing the rhythm of every song ever recorded — but really, do you want to have a lengthy discussion about beats per minute and music theory when you could just kick back and watch Beyoncé in all her glory? We've pulled together some of our favorite videos below for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome: Watch and learn.

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