Animal Ring Bearers Are Now A Thing

This wedding trend might not have legs, but it does have wings.  When Shaun Palmer was planning his big day, he decided against the tradition of having an adorable, fidgeting child cast as a ring bearer. Instead, he went full-on Harry Potter, and enlisted an owl to deliver the wedding rings to the altar. Yes, an actual owl. Palmer uploaded a video of the unconventional ceremony, starting from the point at which a mysterious older man slowly walks down the aisle with an owl resting on his arm. Normally, this would be a signal to scream, freak out, and run from the premises screaming "sorcerer!"— but the wedding guests seem surprisingly chill. The owl — named Bilbo, by the way — then swoops over to the bride and groom, and a well-situated owl wrangler. As you can tell from her expression, the bride wasn't in on the surprise.  Well, it's certainly more original than releasing doves. On other hand, what bride really wants a flying poop-mobile hovering over her white dress? Watch the clip below. (Mashable)

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