Here’s Why Charli XCX’s Tampons Got Nixed

Photo: David Fisher/Rex/REX USA.
Sigh. Will we ever get to have nice things? As far as Charli XCX-branded tampons go, the answer is no. The pop star had the genius idea to sell period products to her female fans, but now tells MTV News that the idea is a no-go. "I really wanted to make tampon merch,” the British singer said. “That was a dream of mine for a really long time — to have tampons that say ’Sucker’ on the side and ’Pussy Power’ on the box. But it’s a health issue if someone’s going to put it in their vagina.”   Well, quite. Seeing as you'll now have to hit the drugstore for a pre-gig tampon run, you may as well grab a couple extra for her. “People throw me tampons sometimes and I’m like, ’Great! I don’t have to go to the CVS!'" she revealed. That's unused tampons, mind. Just wanted to make that clear.

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