Obama Just Elegantly Shut Down Some Men's Rights Activists

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POTUS isn’t putting up with any of your nonsense, "men's rights" activists. 

President Obama has finally joined Twitter with an official presidential handle, and while most of the media attention so far has played up his wife's adorable teasing, and cheeky ribbing from former President Bill Clinton, Obama's already using the platform to make a statement — if only with his silence.

Huffington Post
reports that Obama, who’s only been on Twitter for three days, has blocked an account called “@MeninistTweet.” The account claims to be a parody of men’s rights activists, but posts content that's more or less indistinguishable from the sexist and misogynistic drivel espoused by MRAs, including jokes about the “friend zone,” “keyboard warriors,” and the ever-descriptive “hoes.” MRAs, which often claim to concern themselves with issues such as fathers' rights and "reverse sexism," more often spend their time harassing women online and in public areas. 
Parody or not, Obama is not having it. Earlier this week, the account was blocked from viewing or tweeting at President Obama's. Mic, dropped.

While MRAs like to tout their right to free speech, let this be a reminder: You can say whatever you want — but that doesn’t mean anyone has to listen, especially not the president.

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