The Genius Way You Can Try ALL The Sriracha Products

Photograph Courtesy of Sriracha Box.

We love Sriracha in all its forms, from popcorn to hummus to vodka (well, maybe not vodka). We love it so much, we even carry it with us at all times. Thanks to a couple of geniuses named Brady and Chandler, you can now order a curated monthly subscription box filled with spicy Sriracha products.

Brady and Chandler have been best buds since college. Together, they've launched Sriracha Box in search of, “the best Sriracha goodness.” For $19.95 a month, subscribers receive a box containing Sriracha-themed sauces, foods, and even swag (we vote for these!). The May box features Huy Fong Sriracha sauce (although presumably, everyone ordering these boxes would already have some at home), Country Archer Sriracha Jerky, Kikkoman's Sriracha Mayo, and two red rooster stickers.

Despite the fact that we're kicking ourselves for not thinking of this business plan first, we’re not sure we could physically consume enough Sriracha-flavored products each month to make this box totally worth it. But, we'll certainly have fun trying. And, Brady and Chandler are definitely right about one thing: Sriracha really does make everything better. 

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