Beyoncé’s Champagne Pic Just Pissed Off Twitter

It's a Catch-22, this pop star lifestyle. You want to use your fame and riches to support a political movement, and help those less fortunate. But, in order to get that fame, you need to live it up so glamorously that your name becomes synonymous with cigars on ice, and couture gowns. Perhaps it's been a long time coming, then, that the public would stop lapping it up and start getting restless. Perhaps it's inevitable that they would turn on the Queen Bey herself.  The pop diva has landed in hot water (literally) with fans thanks to a shot in the Nicki Minaj "Feeling Myself" video. There's Beyoncé, hanging in the hot tub, pouring out a bottle of Armand de Brignac. As Yahoo notes, the "Ace of Spades" champagne goes for thousands of dollars a bottle. Luckily for Bey, Jay-Z owns the brand. Unluckily for Bey, Twitter knows it, and they're not above telling her off for being so wasteful and greedy.  A couple of disgruntled comments:
And a rebuttal:
So, is it wasteful? Of course. Are lavish, ostentatious displays of wealth new? Not at all. Besides, Bey has a habit of spilling her champagne.... We reached out to the singer for comment, but have not yet received a response. Read on for more Bey action:
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