Totally Not Shocking Study Shows Women Are As Into Casual Sex As Men

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Societal misconceptions, be damned: According to a study from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Germany, women are just as into having casual sex as men, The Huffington Post reports. The gold standard of casual sex studies, the 1989 report Gender Differences In Receptivity to Sexual Offers, is often cited as proof that men are more likely to engage in sex with a relative stranger than women are. However, researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Germany were unconvinced of its accuracy, saying the seminal study left out crucial cultural context, like the risk of sexual violence or the all-too-real potential for slut-shaming. So the researchers conducted a more nuanced version of the classic study, one in which the potential of societal judgement and safety issues were removed.  Under the guise of testing for an online dating site, researchers showed 60 heterosexual men and women pictures of someone of the opposite sex and told them that the people pictured were either interested in a date or in sex. The subjects were then left alone to respond with which potential partners they would date or have sex with, and when they expressed interest a date was arranged. To cancel out any safety concerns, subjects were also told that they would be filmed for the first 30 minutes of the arranged date.
Photo: Courtesy Warner Bros
What happened? The amount of interest in casual sex was exactly the same for men and women. Take away the stigma, add in a little extra safety, and ladies are just as DTF as any guy. So go ahead if you want to, have a one-night stand. It's good for you.

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