Amazing Video Of Hillary Clinton At 32 Shows Just How Much Has Changed

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In 1979, an interview with the young wife of the governor appeared on Arkansas public television. She had shoulder length hair, big glasses, and a twinge of a Southern accent, though she was born in Chicago. Her name was Hillary Rodham, and for many Arkansas citizens, this was a big problem. 

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed uncovered a tape of the interview at the special collections archives at the University of Arkansas of the wife of the newly elected Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton.

The interview is a pretty amazing time capsule for how much has (or hasn't) changed for women within Hillary's lifetime. "Your husband won the governorship in a landslide, but we're still led to believe that it possibly could’ve cost him a few votes [that] your name is not the same as his," is a good example of a lot of sort of thing the interviewer lobs at her.

Checkout the full video here. Beware: anachronisms abound. 
Hillary Clinton interview from 1979

We found this very rare interview with Hillary Rodham, filmed in 1979. The deeply-personal interview is perhaps the oldest and longest video of the young Hillary Clinton.

Posted by BuzzFeed Politics on Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Video: Coutesy of BuzzFeed.

Three years later, Hillary would emerge on her husband's second gubernatorial campaign as Mrs. Bill Clinton (she'd use his name for the rest of her career) and mother of Chelsea. It's hard to imagine that anyone then ever imagined she'd be the frontrunner for President of the United States a few decades later.

"Do you feel comfortable with this new position, if you can call it a position?" the interviewer asks the first lady. "If you just wouldn't be a practicing attorney, then that would eliminate some of the problems of not being together," he suggests as balm to her husband's busy schedule. 

He neglects to mention that Hillary both graduated ahead of Bill and was earning more than him at the time, and insofar, had both her own position in the world and her own responsibilities in their marriage. 

Other issues take precedence: "You're not at all interested in state dinners and teas and garden parties, the kinds of things we tend to associate with governor's wives," the interviewer tells Hillary, who proceeds to defend her social life impressively. She's balanced, not reclusive, she says. Unfortunately, there's more in the arsenal. 

"A thought occurs to me that you really do not fit the image that we have created in Arkansas for the governor's wife. You are not a native, you've been educated in liberal Eastern don't use your husband's name, you practice law," he says.  That's when Hillary breaks in with an Eleanor Roosevelt-ism that may just go down in the history of of the greatest quotes ever (we can't believe we're only hearing it now!): 

“One cannot live one’s life based on what somebody else’s image of you might be. I suppose that there have been many wives of politicians who may have had serious problems personally, because they were worried about the image that they had and as to whether or not that would hurt their husband. All one can do is live the life that God gave you, and just do the best you can. If somebody likes you or doesn’t like you, that’s in many ways something that you have no control over," Hillary responded.  

Over 30 years later, the joke is very much on the 1970s chauvinist who wanted Hillary to fail.

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