The One Where A Man Modeled His Entire Life After Friends

Image Courtesy of NBC
There are people who love Friends, and then there is this guy. Du Xin is a Chinese man who doesn’t just enjoy the show; he lives it, as literally as possible. After a rough breakup, Xin's roommate recommended he watch the series. And, Xin transferred his affections to the iconic NYC gang. “These six people spent 10 years to teach you how to love,” he explained in a video about his dedication to the series, adding that his generation was fortunate to have Friends in their lives; he hopes to pass that same luck along to the next. Xin put that hope into action by quitting his job and opening up a Central Perk location in Beijing (it looks exactly like the one from the show). He also decorated his apartment to look like Joey and Chandler’s place (we really would have preferred Rachel and Monica’s, but oh well). Oh, and his young son’s American name? Joey. Obviously.  There's actually something sweet about how Friends hit home for Xin, who fills the role of Gunther at his own Central Perk. Maybe it's a little looney, but it's clear that the series really meant something important to him — and you can't fault a guy for having a big heart. See for yourself in the video below.

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