This Hilarious Video Spoofs How Women Are Portrayed In Disaster Movies

It never fails. You could be watching a zombie apocalypse movie, a ship sinking into the freezing ocean, or movie about a mental institution: If there’s a young female lead involved, she’s going to look totally hot in the midst of the meltdown. Her makeup will be perfect, she definitely will not be on her period, and somehow her torn-to-shreds ensemble will be Alexander Wang chic throughout the entire film. (For reference, just look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Mad Max: Fury Road. She’s a pregnant rape victim wearing a sheet, and somehow still manages to windswept and model-esque.) None of this make real life sense — and yet, it's typically how male directors portray women in the midst of disaster scenarios. We get it: Hollywood likes its ladies all sexed up, even during a nuclear meltdown. But, we often wonder what exactly male directors are thinking when they decide that ass-kicking, zombie-fighting, grenade-launching heroines can do it all with perfectly smooth pits and no bra. "Deleted Scenes Of Women In Disaster Movies Written By Men," a short video from Amy Poehler's Smart Girls project, perfectly encapsulates all this insanity — and while we could tell you more about it, you're better off watching for yourself: 

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