Someone Found A Bag Of Cocaine In A Granola Bar

Photo: Courtesy of Nature Valley.
We love winning free things. Opening a bottle of soda to see "Free can!" inscribed on the cap, or peeling a sticker off an ice cream wrapper that declares "Next cone's on us!" never fails to send a jolt of excitement through our bodies. It's that feeling of being the chosen one that we all cherish, especially in our childhoods. But, when it comes to surprises hiding out in our snacks, a bag of cocaine might be taking it a tad too far.

Yet, that's exactly what happened to Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio when she opened her Nature Valley granola bar. Rodriguez found a small bag of white powder in the snack, and assumed it was part of a promotional giveaway. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be, well, something else, so she filed a report with local authorities. The mysterious substance was tested, and turned out to be high quality coke. Pretty crazy, huh?

There's no explanation for why or how the narcotic found its way into the granola bar packaging, but it's a good thing it landed in the hands of a vigilant adult, and not a child. Next time we find an unexpected gift in our edibles, we may be a little more cautious. (Grub Street)

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