Game Of Thrones Gets The Disney Treatment & It's A Whole New World

Children's movies often contain dragons, kings, queens, and mythic quests. So does Game of Thrones. Imagine if Disney, the powerhouse of tot-oriented entertainment, had gotten a hold of George R.R. Martin's source material before HBO did.

Suddenly, all the sexposition in brothels is replaced with jaunts through meadows. Cersei becomes a lot more like Maleficent, and her scheming is actually more overt than it is in the books and TV show. The Red Wedding...well, that probably has to be changed to a ball where nobody dies and Robb Stark does a fancy waltz befitting of the time period and provincial standards. You get the gist.

Thanks to illustrators Anderson Mahanski and Fernando Mendonca, from Combo Estudio in Brazil, you don't just have to imagine Game of Thrones if Disney had gotten their hands on it first. The duo helpfully drew up some Disney-fied GoT scenarios and posted them on their website and Facebook page. In their version, winter might be coming, but all of the characters seem to be bumblingly happy about it in their animated way. 

The biggest change of all, though, might be Jon Snow. What is that thing on his face? Oh, right. We've just never seen him smile before. It might be more disturbing than what happened with Melisandre on last Sunday's episode. 

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