You'll Never Guess Which Fast Food Chain Is Now Serving Kale

Photographed by Janelle Jones.
When I was turning four, I demanded to celebrate my birthday (dressed like Alice from Alice in Wonderland) at a McDonald's, but that was probably one of the last times I went to one. While I do love a Big Mac, McD's is not exactly the healthiest, nor do I want to support a lot of their business practices with my dollars. But, last year, I was on the road quite a bit, and the Golden Arches were an ever-present, very convenient temptation. I resisted the urge to dig into a burger and fries, and munched begrudgingly on raw almonds and water instead.

But, perhaps next time I'm on the road and totally starving, I'll have another option: It seems McDonald's is testing kale breakfast bowls in various SoCal locations. The new menu item consists of turkey sausage and egg whites in a bowl with kale and spinach. No official word yet as to whether the chain plans to roll out the new offering nationally, but I'm sure if sales show there's enough interest, we'll be seeing them crop up in other markets soon.

This marks a big change for the fast food giant, which is in the midst of a major makeover under leadership from a new CEO, Steve Easterbrook. Earlier this year, McDonald's also announced that it would begin phasing out chicken raised with human antibiotics. While kale bowls won't turn me into a regular McD's customer, the move does show that the brand is listening and making changes to adapt to a new customer. Turning a Goliath like McD's around takes time and patience. Still, the decision to offer healthier options like kale and antibiotic-free chicken are small steps in the right direction. 


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