These 4 Real-Life Masturbation Stories Will Make You Cringe

May is National Masturbation Month, and to celebrate, we're kicking off a self-love conversation with a new video on masturbation each week. Follow along for our contributors' uncensored thoughts on the solo pursuit of pleasure.

Just like partnered sex, masturbation doesn't always go smoothly. Thankfully, it doesn't have to. The beautiful thing about solo sex is that the pressure is off, and you are free to literally fumble around to figure out what feels good, without worrying about anyone else. That doesn't mean the learning process is never awkward, though, as these four women's stories can attest. Whether because her mom walked in at the exact wrong moment or her friends mistook her "personal massager" for a back massager, each of these women knows firsthand that self-love can turn embarrassing. But, they all figured out that the magical antidote to embarrassment is openness plus laughter. Watch the video for their uncensored stories of learning to love themselves. Then, go forth confident that while candlelight, coordinated movement, and a sexy soundtrack may a movie scene make, real-life pleasure is a whole lot messier — and way more interesting.

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