Would You Share Your Salary On Twitter?

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
You can find all kinds of interesting info on Twitter. And, a search through the day's top hashtags often leads to all kinds of interesting conversations. But, today's trending tag — #talkpay — might be one of the more revealing. Startup workers (and more) are sharing their job titles and salaries, in a bid to be more transparent and work toward closing the wage gap. According to The Verge, the idea was first proposed by Lauren Voswinkel, a computer programmer who issued the call-to-action on Tuesday in a Model View Culture blog post. "To truly begin to eradicate pay inequality, we need a radical discussion," she declared. May 1 is International Workers' Day, so it seemed an obvious time to start. Searching through Twitter this afternoon, there seems to be more people tweeting their opinions of #talkpay (some who are for, some who are against, and some who are just being snarky) than actually sharing their salaries. Still, it's clear that what started out as something directed at men and women working in tech has grown to involve workers across all industries. It's kind of a scary idea, though: laying those numbers out for all the world (including former and and future employers) to see. As of now, your best friend — or your mom — may not even know your salary. Below, a few choice tweets. Are you bold enough to share yours? (I am not.)

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