May The Fourth Be With You & Other Pop Culture Holidays We Love

Oh, will you look at that? It's May the Fourth — also known as Star Wars Day thanks to its clever play on "May the force be with you." Don't tell us you forgot to order a lightsaber cake for the occasion. 
You probably also forgot to ask for the day off on October 3 (Mean Girls Day), or to send your parents a present for Festivus. And, be honest — when's the last time you decided to Treat Yo' Self? That's what we thought.
Some holidays may not result in a Hallmark category or a closed office, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth celebrating. If nothing else, Hollywood has given us some good reasons to liven up the old calendar. Without Star Wars, today would be just another boring Monday. Instead, it's an excuse to send your pals Han Solo GIFs and maybe engage in a little Yoda syntax. Upgrade!
Here are a few more pop culture-inspired holidays to look forward to. You can't even imagine the festivities we have planned for Reaping Day. 

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