Here's Everything Coming To Netflix In May

Photo: Courtesy of MGM.
Greetings, fellow entertainment lovers. It's that time of the month again — the time when Netflix unleashes a glorious list of the bounty that will be available to stream in May. What's on the agenda? 

On May 8, get ready for the arrival of Grace and Frankie. The new Neflix original was co-created by Marta Kauffman, who also helmed another show you might know called Friends, which should already be a sign that your new favorite series has arrived. On top of that, it stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as the titular Grace and Frankie. Did someone say mini 9 to 5 reunion? Why yes, I believe I just did. Block off time to binge on all 13 episodes. 

If documentaries are more your cup of tea, the 'flix has a whole slew of compelling ones coming in May. Beyond Clueless is a fun and fascinating investigation of the teen movie genre and how films like Clueless brought teen angst to the big screen in unforgettable ways. Hot Girls Wanted, which was produced by Rashida Jones, offers a look into the lives of young women involved in amateur pornography. 

If nothing discussed above catches your fancy, have no fear. Netflix is here with many more offerings to keep you occupied this month. Here's the rundown.

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