Joe Manganiello’s Magic Mike XXL Poster Promises That Bigger Is Better

If I had to caption Joe Manganiello's just-released character poster for Magic Mike XXL, I'd probably go with "It's AB-tastic" or "Brother, can you spare an ab?" Answer: Yes, he can. You could launder a down comforter on that washboard. When it came time to promote the poster on Twitter, however, Manganiello went with a slightly different approach. 
"Bigger is better," he promised. He also hashtagged his character, Big Dick Richie. BDR is best known for his height, of course. Just kidding! We're talking about his penis. We're all adults here, right? Let's just call a spade a spade and a phallus a phallus. Big Dick Richie has the latter one in spades. That one really took an Inception-style turn, huh? Anyway, Manganiello's poster is just the latest in the series of titillating character art Magic Mike XXL has been slowly releasing to build us all up to a healthy boil before the movie comes out July 1. It's the ideal way to celebrate July Fourth weekend. See it for America.