These Photos Of Zac Efron Will Make Your Day/Week/Month/Life

Here's the thing we love most about Zac Efron: His commitment to his craft. Have you ever watched High School Musical numbers one through three? Dude isn't afraid to go for it and fully embrace every moment — even if it involves swinging on ropes in a very un-Disney-like ode to Flashdance. Also, never forget desert jazz hands. With last year's Neighbors, Efron proved that he can also handle adult comedy with aplomb — and many, many boner jokes. 

Efron is currently filming his next sure-to-be-scatological and sophomoric comedic venture, which actually co-stars Robert De Niro, who was also the subject of one of the best moments in Neighbors. The film is called Dirty Grandpa, and here's the official synopsis (per Variety): "Story follows an uptight guy (Efron) who, right before his wedding, is tricked into driving his vulgar former Army general to Florida for spring break." We're guessing that former Army general is his grandfather, played by one Mr. De Niro. 

Dirty Grandpa is currently shooting in Georgia, and the behind-the-scenes photos from the set that have made their way to the Internet are nothing short of glorious. Please enjoy just a few of them ahead. Zac Efron really is all sorts of committed to his craft in some very impressive ways. 

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