Will & Kate Send Breakfast to Royal Baby Watch Superfans

The Royal Baby Watch continues, and while we’re sure that no one is more eager for the kiddo to arrive than William and Kate, the couple also acknowledged the dedication of super fans sitting outside their private hospital wing. In an incredibly sweet act of solidarity, the duke and duchess sent coffee, croissants, and danishes over to supporters’ makeshift camp outside of St. Mary's Hospital on Tuesday morning.

A source on site said that two men arrived with white boxes — tied up in pink ribbons, no less — in tow. “They knocked on the tent and said, ‘Good morning, we have a present from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,’” she told People.

The thoughtful treats were a welcome break from the chill: Some people have slept outside for nearly two weeks awaiting the arrival of England’s littlest heir. “I can feel my hands now,” said Terry Hutt, 79, another member of the dedicated crew. “We’re touched — we thank them with all our hearts,” said John Loughry, 60, a royal-watcher who has been camped out since April 16.

One thing we hope royal fans have caught wind of? Unlike when Prince George was born in 2013, there will be no live announcement on the steps of the hospital when baby number two finally makes an appearance. The birth news will break via Twitter, according to an aide. While we’re sure that being close to the birth suite is exciting and all — and it’s always nice to have breakfast courtesy of the potential future king and queen — here's a thought: It might be worth it to go inside, warm up, and wait things out on social media like the rest of us. 

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