Burnt Lunch Leads To Iowa State Capitol Evacuation

Photo: Courtesy of Kraft.
When Kraft announced that it was changing the color of its iconic Mac & Cheese last week, we’re guessing the company didn’t mean for consumers to cook the pasta until it turns charcoal black. But, that’s exactly what happened in the Iowa Capitol building yesterday. A staffer accidentally left their lunch in the microwave for what was probably way, way longer than the suggested three-and-a-half to four minutes.

The extra-crispy mac 'n' cheese started smoking and caused an emergency alarm to go off, which ultimately resulted in a full evacuation of the building. Check out the remnants of the (likely very embarrassed) staffer’s lunch below.

We feel for the employee in question. We’ve definitely entered 30 instead of three minutes before, only to return to scorched food and a very unhappy microwave. It’s probably safe to assume that yesterday’s Easy Mac chef will be sticking to cold lunches for the time being. (The Des Moines Register)

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