Is Mariah Carey's New Breakup Song About Nick Cannon?

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Breaking up is hard to do. But, hey, if you've got an album to promote, why not turn those lemons into lemonade?

Mariah Carey's latest greatest-hits compilation, which has the very Buzz Lightyear-worthy moniker Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity, features a new single that's all about heartbreak. "Infinity" might just be the 2015 answer to 1999's "Heartbreaker" — but is the release of a breakup anthem so soon after the pop star's split with husband Nick Cannon a coincidence?

Fortunately, there's a handy video with lyrics included to help us break it down. The former lover in question is mad because he "lost the best [he's] ever had." Also, he's as corny as a bag of Fritos. 

While Carey's single may not win favor with mathematicians ("there's an end to infinity"?), Mariah fans who've just been through a breakup will probably find themselves singing along. Unless that fan happens to to be named Nick Cannon, in which case the song's references to an ex who has "no ice" and is just a boy in debt might sting. 

Behold the evidence below and judge for yourself.

Video: Courtesy VEVO.

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