How To Tell If You’re Going To Get Divorced One Day

While the common belief that the divorce rate is rising is false, if the current rate continues, about a third of marriages will end in divorce. Divorce can be devastating, freeing, or both, but very few people plan to have one in advance. Every marriage is, of course, unique, but there are a few factors that can be predictive of the likelihood that a given marriage will end. The family law firm McKinley Irvin took a closer look at "Trends Around Divorce In America" to create the below infographic, which highlights some surprising findings. A third of divorces name online affairs as the culprit, for example, but 54% of men somehow don't believe that online affairs count as adultery. Other highlights: You are more likely to divorce if you paid over $20,000 for your wedding, if you didn't graduate from college, or if you live in a red state. McKinley Irvin's research addresses life after divorce as well. Apparently, 6% of couples end up remarrying after divorce — nope, it doesn't only happen in movies. Read on for the full deal on divorce today.
Image: Courtesy Of McKinley Irvin.

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