Spanish Demonstrators Create World's First Hologram Protest

An incredible, almost unbelievable movement went down in Spain earlier this weekend.

Thousands of demonstrators marched in front of Madrid's parliament building in protest of the country's new Citizen Safety Law – a piece of legislature set to begin in July that aims to ban activists from protesting outside of government buildings.

So, how did these demonstrators protest without getting fined or arrested you ask? They weren't actually there!

In order to bypass the new law, which carries a fine of up to 30,000 euros (roughly 31,800 American dollars), organizers projected lifelike holograms outside of Madrid's Congress of Deputies building for about an hour. Check out the footage from the unprecedented event.
Video: CNN
Holograms were used to stage a protest against Spain's new citizen safety law, which forbids protests in front of government buildings.

According to demonstration spokesman Carlos Escano, a member of the group Holograms for Freedom, the holographic protest was more than just a cool stunt. It is a statement against a law that restricts citizens' liberties and criminalizes the right to protest.

"Our protest with holograms is ironic," Escano told Spanish newspaper El Mundo. "With the restrictions we're suffering on our freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, the last option that will be left to us in the end will be to protest through our holograms."  

Holograms. Not just for Tupac anymore.

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