Here’s Why You Should Be Excited For Hillary 2016

Today is the day Hillary Clinton makes it clear she's officially seeking Democratic nomination for president, ending months (or years) of anticipation. And, while her declaring itself isn't quite historic (she also ran in 2008), this time, there appears to be less than ever before standing between her and the Oval Office.  Hillary has no strong Democratic opponent, and recent polling shows her beating any Republican contender. Which means we have perhaps the best-ever chance in our history of having a woman in the White House. The U.S. would join Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Lithuania, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland, Liberia, Bangladesh, Trinidad, Kosovo, Denmark and Slovenia on the list of countries that have elected a female chief executive.  Aside from her huge stature and high level of recognition, Clinton brings an impressive resume; aside from eight years as First Lady, she was a United States Senator and then Secretary of State under Barack Obama. She's a lawyer and a graduate of Yale Law School. While it's too soon to know exactly what her platform will be or how the race will shape up — there are 20 long months between now and November 2016 — one thing's for sure: having a woman on the ballot would be a good thing for all of us. Correction: A previous version of this post showed the Belgian flag, not the German flag, behind Angela Merkel in the video.We apologize for the error.

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