Which of Demi Moore’s Famous Exes Felt “Awkward” Meeting Ashton Kutcher?

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Was there anything not
awkward about Two and a Half Men? Jon
Cryer revealed in his new memoir that he briefly dated co-star Ashton Kutcher's
now ex-wife Demi Moore way back in the '80s. If you care to remember, Kutcher
was brought on to replace Charlie Sheen after the latter had a few too many
ultra-public meltdowns and squabbles with showrunner Chuck Lorre. And, that's
not to mention all the shenanigans Sheen got Cryer into. Anyhoo, things were
already pretty weird chez Men when
Kutcher was brought on back in 2011, but what compounded it all was that
Kutcher was still married to Moore at the time. (They officially divorced in 2013.)

Cryer, whose Pretty in
character Duckie is pretty much the '80s poster child for awkward,
quipped on Live! With Kelly and Michael that he and Moore had dated "when [Kutcher] was seven," and
that when they first met, Cryer wasn't sure how to act.

"We had a meeting to see how it would go, but I didn't
know if she had even told him that we had dated. So for the whole meeting, he
didn't say anything, so every time he'd make a joke, I'd be kind of awkwardly
like, 'Ha, ha, ha! That's a great joke! That's a great joke, Ashton. Because
we're old friends, you know? It's not like I dated your wife!'" Cryer
added, "It was a very awkward meeting, but at the very end of it, he said,
'She told me. It's cool. Don't worry about it.'"

It seems entirely appropriate that Cryer's memoir is called So That Happened. Because, indeed, that
happened. (E! Online)


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