Downton's Violet Could Be In The Spinoff, But What About Maggie Smith?

Photo courtesy PBS
Downton Abbey fans know well what the Dowager Countess would have to say about our sadness over the show ending after season six: "Stop whining and find something to do," Dame Maggie Smith would say, in her most imperious Violet Crawley voice. Now that we know show-creator Julian Fellowes is working on The Gilded Age, a prequel spinoff of sorts set in late-19th-century New York, we have our something. Especially given the nugget Fellowes told the Mail on Sunday.

"Robert Grantham would be in his early teens, Cora would be a child. A young Violet could make an appearance," he said of the show, being produced for NBC next season. Of course, the Daily Mail, knowing our hearts, teased us with photos of Dame Maggie all over their article, making us imagine that she'd continue her reign on the show.

Listen, they can do a lot with makeup and camera filters and post-production these days. Can't Smith somehow portray herself 30 years younger? Would we be able to embrace another actress uttering Violet's sharp one-liners? Would a younger Violet even have an arsenal of one-liners yet? Good thing this is Fellowes' job, not ours.     

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