35 TV Characters Who Deserve A Spinoff

This month, Breaking Bad fans get a reprieve. Though Walter White is long gone from our lives, his crafty attorney Saul Goodman is coming back to AMC in Better Call Saul, a prequel of sorts that takes place in 2002.
The spinoff has long been a source of both hope and disappointment for the avid viewer. Sometimes, more is more (Buffy and Angel!). Sometimes, if they air at the same time as the original, it feels like a drain on the producers' talent (dare we say so, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals). And, sometimes, it's a poor, poor substitute for the original (remember Friends sequel Joey?). Still, there's always a chance that a new story focusing on a character from the sidelines of an old favorite can breathe new and exciting life into a fictional universe. It certainly sounds better than those old TV reunion movies networks used to trot out from time to time.
We decided to pick a few fascinating characters from shows both dearly departed and still with us that would make for amazing new spinoffs. They might require time machines to become reality, but they're still pretty fun to imagine.

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