The Best Twitter Reactions To The Full House Reboot

Yesterday, it was announced that Netflix is thisclose to picking up a Full House spinoff, starring a good chunk of the original cast. Yep, that would mean 13 glorious new episodes of the Tanner family's antics coming to the small screen. 

Naturally, the Internet exploded on hearing the news, and fans took to Twitter to share all the feelings (so many feelings!) they were having about it. We rounded up the best comments about Fuller House (yes, really), from some questionable plot predictions to straight up fangirl moments. Have mercy!

People who share our feelings about the show's name:

The Fuller House haters:

The "Netflix picked the wrong show" group:
The Michelle Tanner truthers:

People who have never gotten over T.G.I.F.:

'90s heartthrob Devon Sawa:


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