30 Transitional Outfits From Russian Fashion Week

"You always want what you can't have" doesn't just go for lovers and carbs. The phrase extends to clothing — especially at the end of every season. We don't want it to be freezing cold. But, as soon as it starts to warm up we miss all the cozy sweaters and fun overcoats we didn't get around to wearing this winter. Then, the scramble starts and we enter a weeklong transitional period during which we're definitely over-layering. 
In Moscow, however, that's not a problem this time of year. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia just wrapped up — quite literally — with street style stunners still strutting in their cold-weather gear. That said, this lesser-known Fashion Week is definitely a contender for our best-dressed list. After all, at the end of the world-wide whirl of show-going and curb-side flaunting, you should have a little more fun with the ensembles you sport. From breezy bowlers to flying fringe, here are our top snaps of Moscow's most creative fashion set.