11 TV Shows That Are Changing The Game Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Critics have been calling this the Golden Age of Television for years now. Actually, every time they do that, something else comes along that makes us feel even luckier to be proud owners of multiple screens these days. We're less and less tethered to some old white dudes' concept of what's good, thanks to digital streaming and a dizzying array of cable options. TV is drawing just as much talent as the movies — in fact, crossing back and forth between big and small screens has become the rule for many A-listers, not the exception. And, each great show seems to break ground for even more quality viewing. Okay, sure, there's a lot of garbage out there too, but it's easier to ignore.

If you're not feeling as warm and fuzzy about TV as we are, you might need a little nudge in the right direction. That's why we've gathered this list of shows that are changing the medium right now. We bet the couch potatoes of the future will owe their must-see list to these current favorites. 

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